Newt Dobbs

Newt Dobbs is the son of Maggie Tilton and Woodrow F. Call. Newt appears in two official installments, and in the two television series spinoffs.


Newt is born late into Comanche Moon. Very little of his childhood is shown in the book, as it skips to when he is seventeen years old. Although Newt doesn't know it until late into the series, Woodrow F. Call is his father, though he believes it is Jake Spoon or Augustus McCrae. In the novel, however, everyone told him it was a man by the name of Dobbs, hence his last name.

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Streets of LaredoEdit

In the book, it is revealed that Newt was killed prior to the story. His cause of death was likely a broken neck, since he was bucked off the Hell Bitch, the very horse his father gave him.