Cherokee Jack Jackson is an African American outlaw appearing in Return to Lonesome Dove.


Not much is known about his past, though it is known that he was raised by Cherokee's.

Return to Lonesome DoveEdit

Cherokee Jack is first encountered by Woodrow Call in the first episode of Return to Lonesome Dove. When Woodrow meets the outlaw, he "captures" him after some small talk, during which Jackson reveals who he is. But before Woodrow can take him to Fort Dodge, Jackson's band of outlaws attack them. During the scuffle, Jackson begs Woodrow for his gun, though he refuses to give it to him. Despite Woodrow killing three of the men, they still capture him and release Jackson.

Jack then puts Woodrow through a test. Arrows are shot out into the field, and Woodrow, stripped of his equipment, has to retrieve them. As soon as he does, he holds them up in plain view, and breaks them, prompting three gang members to pursue Woodrow. Woodrow manages to steal one of the men's pistol and kill them, before the rest of the gang comes after him. He manages to escape by jumping into the river.

Later on in the story, Jackson kills Isaac Parker by beheading him. He then hangs the severed head up on a tree for Isom to find.